Barbara Stein® manufacturing

Research, passion and experience since 1948 have created a line of products to try: FACE, BODY, ESSENTIAL OILS, DEPILATION SPORTS and MASSO-PHYSIOTHERAPY products irreplaceable allies for the well-being and care of your body.

From over 70 years of experience, Barbara Stein cosmetic lines are born with the intention of offering the end customer a pleasant product with strong functional properties.

This is made possible by the association of natural active ingredients with high-quality innovative functional substances, indispensable for the well-being and healthy appearance of the skin.

Barbara Stein philosophy is to offer effective products that respect the person, focusing your attention on the prevention and defense of face and body well-being from all external agents without neglecting the primary importance of nourishment and hydration of the skin.

Each product is formulated with exclusive active ingredients of vegetable and / or biotechnological origin.

Barbara Stein products respect nature and are not tested on animals.

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